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    I’ve set up this link that we have a place to warn each other of bad experiences in the writing world, or other words of caution we wish to pass on.

    I’ll kick it off with something I came across while catching up on my Writers’ Forum magazine reading last night. This month’s issue features a warning that some short story magazines are beginning to demand ‘Full Global Rights’ for all stories published. Spirit & Destiny magazine made a woman sign a post-published contract to that effect before they agreed to pay her. It is believed Take A Break is set to follow. They are still awaiting comment from publishing group (Bauer Media).
    While I don’t submit to mags, I know a lot of my fellow writers do and wanted to pass around the warning to be on your guard.

    Philippa East

    Hi Janette,

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Yes, most literary mags use something like “first publication rights” which means they have the right to publish your story for the first time, but after that, the rights remain with you, so you can re-publish / resubmit it if you want.

    Definitely must look out for comps / mags seeking to take anything more than that


    Along the same lines, I saw a warning about a competition that was asking for all rights to ALL entries (not just listed ones) with no reversion mentioned. Yeah, don’t agree to that!

    I second what @Phillipaeast says – mags/comps generally ask for first publication rights or english language rights for a period between (ime) 3 months to a year. Then all rights revert.


    The Womagwriter blog has info on this too https://womagwriter.blogspot.com/
    (a useful site if you’re thinking of submitting to women’s mags)

    And Della Galton blogged about it a couple of months ago on her site.

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