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And more apologies – 411 words


Six Month Plan

Step One
Decide to do it.
Shut off all those voices inside you saying what a wonderful man he is and how lucky you are. How he does everything for you. How most women would give anything to have a husband like him.
Note: Do not tell anyone what you plan to do. No matter how good a friend they seem. They’ll think you’re mad. Or they’ll think you’re joking. And it isn’t funny. It really isn’t funny.

Step Two
Find out how much money you have.
If your bank accounts are online, try to get hold of the codes and passwords. He must keep a record of them somewhere, if not at home, at his office. You can always pop in when he’s out and tell his secretary you’ll leave a note on his desk. Alternatively keep an eye out for paper statements arriving in the post. A steaming kettle does open envelopes if the glue is the old-fashioned type you have to lick to seal. Iron the envelope afterwards to get rid of any wrinkles. He will never notice.

Step Three
Open a bank account somewhere no one knows you and put money into it.
It’s harder than it sounds so give yourself plenty of time. Take out a bit more cash than usual for groceries if you do the shopping on your own. Sell anything you can. Anything that won’t be noticed. Jewellery, for example, although the resale value of quite expensive pieces is rubbish. If you have a birthday, get people to give you stuff from M&S because you can take it back and get the cash.

Step Four
Rent a studio flat somewhere far enough away for no one to know you. A big city is best. Get one with a security entrance where you have to buzz people in. Or better a concierge. And transfer anything vital into it: paperwork, things you need for work, a few clothes. You’ll have to leave things you love behind because he’ll notice if they go missing. Put your life onto a secret tablet or computer: email accounts, online banking and so on.

Step Five
Leave. And go without telling him. Write him a note and disappear. I know you think you owe it to him to tell him face to face but, believe me, it’s better just to go. You’ll have to take my word for it.