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    Discovered something during your writing journey?┬áTips for formatting a book or services that you’ve used yourself and would recommend to others? Add a new post in this folder. Make sure you give the post a clear subject and title e.g ‘Editing – words to watch out for that you don’t need’. Someone else can always benefit from your experience so share the wealth.

    Need help? Check the posts in this topic. Chances are someone has had a similar problem to you in the past. Or perhaps they’ve discovered an ingenious way around the problem you’re struggling with and have posted about it. You may find the answer you’re looking for already here. Failing that, start a new topic and give it a clear title e.g. ‘Help needed – Editing – snappier dialogue’ and detail your problem in the body of the post.

    Tony Lyttle

    On the matter of the supposed redirect to the secure address. I opened the old address this morning as I hadn’t changed my favourites. Everything appeared as normal (except the address said not secure) until I tried to log in. It simply ignored my log in with no messages and no redirect. Fortunately I saw Daed’s reply to Hilary from last night and so I’ve now logged in successfully on the secure address. If anyone else has a problem the secure address is https://www.denofwriters.com
    However when I tried to post this it wouldn’t let me, so I’ve tried to see if I can post it here.

    Jean Davison

    I haven’t got the hang of using this site yet so I hope I’m putting this in the right place.
    Just wondered if anyone else is having a problem with the Times New Roman font, 12 pt? This is the font in which agents or competitions often want submissions. It used to be fine for me, but for some time now I find that text I send or receive in this font does not read properly when opened on my screen. I use a desktop PC with Windows 10 and the word processor package I use is Word). It blurs some of the letters out and is virtually unreadable, though okay when I print out the document. I don’t know if it’s just like this on my screen or if the recipient will find my document hard if not impossible to read on screen. I don’t know how to fix this and it makes me concerned about submitting to agents or competitions. Other fonts, such as Ariel, are okay when I open the document on screen, but often submission requirement is to use Times New Roman.

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    Sorry to hear that @jeand – I can’t say I have a clue why it’s doing that but with luck one of the more tech savvy Denizens will be able to offer a solution

    Btw if you want to create a new topic with this question, try going to the main ‘Lifeboat’ page https://www.denofwriters.com/forums/forum/den-of-writers/the-writers-lifeboat/ and scrolling to the bottom where there’s a box with ‘create new topic’ – it can be a bit hard to find your way around, I know

    Jean Davison

    Thanks, Daedalus. I’ve re-posted it.

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