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    Exciting news from me. On The Edge my ‘girl on a lighthouse’ thriller has found a home with Verve Books. It’s been a long journey with a lot of setbacks on the way and I am thrilled.There’s nothing like the moment when the e mail saying how much someone loved your book (with no caveats, no buts,) arrives in your inbox. It will be published in October 2021 with a Book Two around a year afterwards.I’ll be publishing under the name Jane Jesmond.


    I didnt spot the Twitter post so shall go on a hunt now…
    I love the name Jesmond, is that a family name? Bet it feels very real now they’ve announced it! Hope you celebrated with some sort of unhealthy substance. xxx


    This is such fab news, proving that publishing life doesn’t begin or end with trad agents. Can’t wait to see this in print. Enjoy and celebrate your announcement to the hilt – so well deserved.


    So pleased with the news! Simply brilliant.


    Thank you @athelstone @janette @raine @thea @libby @sandradavies.

    Verve are a small imprint of an indie press so there’ll be no books on shelves in Waterstones but they’re lovely people and the fit feels so right. The indie press route has worked very well for me and is well worth a try. They’re often more open to books that don’t quite fit into what the big trade publishers are looking for.

    Yes, @sandradavies it is the same book you read some years ago. Just shows how long it can take and how much work!

    Jesmond, @raine is where I was born. No one likes my name which is actually Shufflebotham. There’s another crime writer in the US called Jane Gorman (my married name) and when I suggested Jane Botham, the publisher said there was someone already publishing under that name on Amazon. I had a quick look and it turned out to be a porn film star!

    2021 is going to be an exciting year with Raine and Kaz both having debut novels published!


    It’s SO brilliant @janeshuff and its heartening to see these indie presses opening the field up to interesting, less mainstream and more diverse work. The publishing field could do with some opening up and its good to see it happening here. So happy your work has found a good home! See you out there in 2021 and CONGRATULATIONS! 👏🍾

    Mad Iguana

    I’ve said it elsewhere, but I think it’s OK to congratulate a person more than once, isn’t it?
    Congratulations Jane! Over the (edge) (of the) moon for you, if that’s not too tortured an attempted pun (I know it is).
    Can’t wait to read your published work.

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