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    Let me introduce you to a news story that might have happened in an alternative November 1940.


    It was a national disgrace to jail a man for striking a blow for freedom, said Marcus Snellgrove, MP for Much Ordure and leader of the Bin the Blackout campaign, after Poplar dock worker Albert Throbbing was sentenced yesterday to six months in prison for assaulting an air raid warden. The assault occurred following an altercation when the warden, Mr Stan Upright, knocked on Mr Throbbing’s door after observing lights shining from the windows of Mr Throbbing’s house.

    ‘This government has shown itself to be no better than the Nazis,’ Mr Snellgrove said, speaking from his home in the Sussex countryside. ‘These iniquitous and undemocratic blackout rules are just the thin end of the wedge on the way to destroying the age-old freedoms of our nation. This government is trying to impose a dictatorship like Hitler’s, but they will find that the British people are not like the Germans. We are not so easily led, and we will not be told what to do. The rules are entirely unnecessary. The Jerries know where London is, and a few lights aren’t going to make any difference to that. And the dangers of air raids have been greatly exaggerated. It’s propaganda designed to scare people into doing what the government tells them. Yes, there will be some casualties, but a few deaths in air raids will will not be as damaging as these insidious assaults on our fundamental freedoms.’

    Throbbing should be acclaimed as a hero, Mr Snellgrove said, for bravely standing up for the freedom of the individual, the freedom so dear to the British heart.

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    I do not like wearing a mask when I go shopping, but it is a tiny hardship compared with, say, passing on the virus if I unknowingly had it, to somebody else. I’m so tired of hearing people, my neighbour for instance, declaring that he will “never” wear one in a shop because he’ll “never catch it that way”. He’s a tree surgeon and seems to have confused his medical knowledge with that of an actual surgeon. And even were he to be correct, which he isn’t, what about people he might infect? And to add to the hypocrisy, he’s quite happy to wear a mask when there’s money involved i.e. in front of his customers. The ultimate irony is that this man, who once told me that he didn’t 100% believe there was a virus, actually caught it – and gave it to his whole family.

    It’s an insane world, though. To add to your blog, I suppose that it’s quite likely that Albert Throbbing doubts that there really is a war at all, and if there is, then it was probably deliberately started by some major scientific figure of the day, say R J Mitchell, in order to enslave the world.

    So many people these days appeal to Britain’s wartime spirit, but lack the character or simple empathy to make the smallest sacrifice when asked. Never mind masks and distancing and vaccinations; what about blackouts (as you say), being told exactly how much food you can have, what you can and can’t talk about, and actually being hauled into the armed forces? That’s what the wartime government actually demanded of people.


    Also “An IOPC spokesperson told PA Media: “We can confirm that on 17 December we received a referral from the Metropolitan police service [MPS] of a complaint about an alleged party at Downing Street in December 2020.

    “Having fully assessed the referral we have decided it is invalid and we have returned it to the MPS to handle as it determines would be appropriate.

    “Under the relevant legislation, a valid complaint can only be made where an individual, or someone acting on their behalf, has been adversely affected by the alleged conduct or its effects.”

    Ever feel like you’re living in some kind of noir movie…


    I did actually consider putting in something about rationing, but decided that I’d make my point more vividly by keeping it simple and sticking to one issue.

    Rather more distressing than your neighbour, I had an e-mail argument a few months back with my oldest friend (I haven’t seen him for a couple of years, and perhaps it’s just as well), who believes that ‘Governments around the world are using covid as a reason to become more dictatorial,’ and that our government is using the BBC to spread ‘scaremongering propaganda’ to ‘terrify’ people into doing what they’re told. After he’d said that ‘the longer Lockdown goes on, the more that people will rightly rebel against the restrictions,’ I lost my rag and blasted back, ‘Restrictions are necessary for the sake of everyone’s safety. People who rebel against them are selfish, self-deluded, or plain stupid (or any combination of these) bastards who are making things worse for everyone by spreading infection and prolonging the pandemic.’

    Living in a noir movie? Yes, especially since June 2016, and even more so since December 2019. Though perhaps, living on a pension in a remote(-ish) village as I do, maybe it’s more like watching it from the audience. But it’s still profoundly saddening.

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