The Den and its oddities: part 1 – commenting on 'updates'

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    An update is a comment that isn’t part of the thread of a forum topic. Somebody can reply to it or add a further comment. Replies and replies to replies are indented below whatever they are a reply to, comments are not but they all follow in sequence below the original update. Comments on updates are made by clicking on the black speech bubble icon adjacent to the update. Replies are made by clicking on the larger white speech bubble marked reply.

    Are you with me so far? Not sure I am but, well, never mind.

    1) Sometimes you want to add a reply but there’s no reply speech bubble. I know – daft isn’t it? You can still reply with a comment (black speech bubble adjacent to the original update, remember?). It will still appear in sequence, just not indented.

    2) OK, if somebody deletes a comment, then any reply to it will also be lost. Sometimes a comment will be safer than a reply.

    3) This one is a real nuisance. After a certain number of comments and replies, a screen-space-saving feature cuts in and the oldest comments and replies are hidden. Nothing odd here. Facebook does it; Twitter does it; the Cloud did it. What is a pain is that the “Show all n comments” button doesn’t necessarily show up straight away, so the participants in the thread only see that some of the comments have vanished. No way to find them. No idea how to fix this yet. Maybe one of the WordPress developers will.

    Please feel free to post details of any problems or glitches you find while using the Den in the Lifeboat forum. A proper writer’s explanation would be much appreciated, with plenty of detail and none of that more is less brevity. Lots of telling and don’t trust the reader.

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