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    My resolution this year is to enter a couple of short-story competitions beyond the Den. To boldly go …

    Please can anyone advise on a couple of things. Most competitions won’t accept entries previously published anywhere online except on password-protected sites, but what if I wanted to develop a story idea from something I’ve previously posted for Den monthly comps. Is that allowable? I won’t be crying in my beer/tea if not but it would useful to know.

    The second question is specifically about comps held by Didcot Writers. They say:

    “We don’t mind if it’s been published elsewhere in the past, but please make sure your work is copyright cleared for it to be published online if chosen. (For example, if you need to include the line ‘first published in…’ to comply with a former publisher’s terms, let us know.)”

    Would I need to get copyright clearance from the Den? And if I change the story from the Den version, do I still need clearance?

    Many thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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