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    This is great JB, thanks for setting up and for all the tweaking. My only things were making the wall the default page, font size on the main wall, and reducing banner size. BUt they’ve all been mentioned above, so I will just send cake instead.

    John T

    It’s fab, JB. Not being computer literate, I’m happy to go with the flow and let others decide the complicated stuff. Also sending cake.


    Maybe I’m just too old for this computer stuff, but I find that a number of factors are hampering my ‘getting around’ here. 1) Something of a lack of distinction in size and position between various different bits of information and e.g. various headings etc, so that, for instance, information about topics, last updated etc. seems to merge with the topics I’m looking for 2) Sticky Topics appearing in ALL forums whether they are to do with that forum or not 3) Where some things are located. For instance the Writer’s Forum has Den of Writers within it and Den of Writers has 8 subforums. But then Forum Feedback and the rules etc. hang directly off Den of Writers. Should we be able to post new topics here?
    Just thoughts. Not sure what of this can be tweaked or what we live with as WordPress rules. Not sure it needs tweaking.


    Also, what sort of cake do you like, Jules?


    You’re not the only one, Ath – I’m finding it hard too. I think Jules said there’s about three different ways to access some info, and problem is I can’t remember which way I did it! I think I’ve not got stuck into my head the various ‘levels’ within this site – perhaps I need to draw up a visual map for myself to help navigate! A flow chart of how to get where… 😉


    Since I am unable to eat wheat without getting terrible migraines, cyber cake of any flavour is my absolute favourite 😉 I am very grateful for all the cyber cake coming my way too.

    I know what you mean, Ath. We coukd do with a bit more clarity on labelling. I may be able to shut certain pathways down so that we don’t have topics appearing all forums when their actual location is a specific sub forum. The parent forum is still open for topics for now and we’ll see how it goes but that might be something that can be restricted too.

    Hoping to sort out those FAQ navigation etc pages tomorrow, Squidge, so hopefully that will help. I admit it’s taking a bit of getting used to and I built the thing so I ought to know whete everything is really!

    Thanks for feedback, everyone 😊

    Philippa East

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to have the option to add a small “about me” on our profiles? I’d love to know more about the people on here, but at the moment our profiles can only show our (user)name and a photo.


    Yes, agree with that Philippa. I’ve not got anything else to add yet, except to agree with comments already made – and thank you for setting this up!

    Edit: and like the edit button!


    Yes a space for a mini CV would be nice.

    Also, my browser tab for Den Of Writers has a blank icon – it’s called a favicon there are instructions for how to set it here – simplest method is to get the icon perhaps as a PNG file, rename the file to favicon.ico and put it in the root folder of the webserver filespace


    Hi Den Admins! Great job thus far. One question: is there any way / are there plans afoot to have a password protected section for critiques? Some places get a bit funny about first rights, as I understand it, and I just like to have things free from search engines. Cheers


    The easiest way to protect your writing from unwanted attention is to set up a private group. Explain what it’s about in the description and then people can ask to join or you can invite them.

    That’s one reason why the writing challenge group A Room with a View will be changed to a private group as soon as writing begins.

    If you are really concerned about privacy you can even create a hidden group that nobody but members of the group can see on the Den.


    Hi Denizens. In the interest of trying to keep a logical pathway for finding information in future, I am closing this topic here and I will be opening a part two in ‘Admin and Technical’. So please put any further comments there. (We will of course keep this thread to refer to.) Many thanks for all your feedback so far.

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