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    “No Word Count Boot Camp Or Productivity Push”: #100daysofwriting
    I’ve got a novel to revise.


    Go you @janeshuff! I think @skylark, and others have done the 100 day thing and found it helpful. I think I would falter at the weekends – RL being inconsiderate and getting in the way!


    Brilliant blog, as ever, and I’ve done other 100 days things over the years and can vouch for their effectiveness, but this time I too have novels to edit and to write (and in any case have no need of inducement to write every day)


    I did a version of this… Rather than setting myself so many days up front, I just made a grid and marked off one square every time I wrote something. That way, there wasn’t so much pressure if I had to allow myself time off when life got busy or I needed a short break. I always wrote in the date so eventually I worked out that a break of any longer than two days was detrimental to the WIP, but it meant I could have a break without feeling too guilty.

    Alan Rain

    I’m pretty sure I do this anyway, probably 100++ if I’m honest. I see it as essential as I’m in the process of fine-polishing, and we all know a MS has to be as good as possible before submitting to agents. And frankly, if I should miss a day, I would feel guilty.
    Today, I’ve had raging toothache, so I worked on my synopsis.
    Make every day count.


    Ugh, toothache is awful @alanr. Hope it eases. I know that guilty feeling for not writing, but sometimes its good to step away for a while too. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when school hols make time to write a rare commodity!


    Bit late to this but yes, I’ve done (am doing!) a version of this. It works best when I’m trying to finish something. I’ve got a chart with a chain of squares and the idea is to make the chain as long as possible without breaking it. There’s no daily word count to reach. As long as I write a sentence, I can colour in a square. It’s worked brilliantly for me in the past. At the moment I’m at Day 37 with the current book…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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