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    Gerry Fenge

    Here’s how it might go. You attend a Festival of Writing and – clever you – wangle three One-to-Ones, from which the comments are: (a) not so good, (b) a bit better, and (c) not bad at all. So, semi-encouraged, you decide to blast through the redrafting process to completion. Focus-focus-focus. You disappear from social media until finally, hey hey, you feel ready to try your luck.

    Off go the email submission packages.

    And then what?

    You re-surface, that’s what. Buzzing with blogs, crackling with comments, rampant with responses. It’s all hi’s and how-yer-goings and what’s next and well-well-well.

    Eventually the rejections start coming in, not all of them because not everyone will reply. But, anyway, you step back a bit and wonder what could have gone wrong. Do you need to order a Submission Package Review?

    Maybe you do. Maybe it tells you a few unexpected things. Maybe you need to try out some alternatives in the critiques section of your Den or Cloud or Place or Townhouse.

    Or maybe, alternatively, you think Sod It and plunge into your next project. Could be an entirely new book. Could be an upgrade of a previous one. Could be written entirely in second person (like this). Or maybe you abandon writing and try to become a Reiki master. But – net result – you submerge again. Gone from social media.

    Focus-focus-focus till the next submission.

    And then what?

    Float back to the surface. Hello everyone, long time no chat…

    Well, as I say, that’s how it might go. I bet you’ve got alternative scenarios, though. I bet they make better sense than this one. Go on, tell us about them.

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    You made me think long and hard Gerry because it doesn’t work like that at all for me. It tends to be when I am submerged in a writing project that I’m most active on my particular forms of social media either seeking help or discussing writing or just having a good moan about every part of the process from drafting to submitting. I’m quietest when I’m not writing or submitting.


    I certainly blog less when I’m writing – or busy, generally. The Scribbles are sadly neglected at the moment…

    I try to keep some level of engagement with the Den going, but when writing it can be either extreme; popping in to read but not comment, so I appear absent, or lots of posts asking for opinions or having a rant or despairing about the current project.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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