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    Alan Rain

    Help please,
    I’m having a solo brainstorm – or maybe a crisis – about my title, having had the same one (AnGal) for years.

    Without me saying anything about my novel, what do these titles suggest / signify:

    An Galina

    A YA novel? Children’s Fairy story? A novel about Hollywood?
    A novel about possession and dual personality?


    Without any other information, I’d probably guess at a YA novel.


    It’s a toss-up between a children’s picture book and the ‘unofficial’ biography of a Hollywood A-lister.


    Without any other information I would assume the title was the name of the MC (or just possibly an invented country) and guess that it was YA or children’s fairy story or fantasy


    AnGal sounds like dystopian specfic YA to me. Of the others the first and last have s more generic feel – they just give me a kids/YA vibe – while the other two hint more at speculative, maybe darker. All of them feel kids/YA I think.


    I wouldn’t have said that any of them give any indication as to the target readership. I’d just assume it was an unusual character name, with possibly a hint of sci-fi, but it doesn’t give anything away about the story.


    Without any explanation those titles don’t say anything to me apart that it might be the MC’s name or the name of the place where the story takes place. Because it is not a recognisable name I would imagine it is a fantasy novel.


    The first and last feel very children’s story to me.

    AngGalina looks as if the capital G is a typo (though oddly, AnGal does not give me that impression).

    An Galina doesn’t give me anything really to go on, though it still feels YA for some reason.

    Alan Rain

    Thanks for your input @athelstone @seagreen @Janeshuff @kazg @Squidge @elle @Bellam
    That 5 of you go towards YA / Children’s and the other 2 suggest SF / Fantasy tells me that the original name is still the one to use, although I will still make a minor tweak to it.
    So, yes, it’s a literary-leaning novel about possession, with the MFC split.
    To make an adult novel YA? Add -ina.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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