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    Happy dancing along with the rest, Kaz! Congratulations – this is so exciting. Sorry I’ve not been in among the beta readers but I’d love to catch up with this some time.

    Van Demal

    Hey, Kaz, tell me with is Ava getting ready to whistle her way into the world! So pleased for you.


    So great to read this! CONGRATULATIONS! You definitely still need an agent regardless of interest from publishers – they do all the tricky stuff like negotiating contracts and mine has been so brilliant anytime I’ve asked her about the bits of publishing I’m not so sure about. Plus she’s helped me stand my ground a couple of times on things I didn’t want to change, and advised me when the publishers is right and I should accept their ideas. It’s so invaluable having that person. Very best wishes for the next stage – can’t wait to read your book!


    Thanks all 🙂

    , yes it IS Ava, though she’s changed a bit since you last saw her and is now gallivanting through Burlington Arcade in 1858…but she’s the same Ava at heart. And thank you! 🙂

    That’s what I thought, @skylark, so it’s good to hear your experience. There is benefit at the business end, of course, but it’s also having someone in your corner who knows the ever-changing mazeways of publishing, isn’t it? It just feels so good to have a savvy partner in this writing biz, which is so solitary otherwise. And thank you!


    @kazg Yes! I’ve found several aspects of the publishing industry quite daunting and such a relief to go to my agent and say ‘Help!’ and she’s brilliant every time!

    Debi Alper

    I can see replies here @KazG but can’t see where they are in the thread or how to continue the conversation. Pfft. I’m currently trying to get to grips with the new platform for the course before it starts tomorrow so I’m probably being dense. Just want to say I’m eagerly awaiting a link to say you have a deal (!!!) so I can add you to our Hall of Fame.


    @debi, you can get here via Writers Forum/Den of Writers/Podium. There are many winding roads in the Den and I’m still working them out myself! I’m also eagerly awaiting such a link (OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE??) and you will definitely know about it the minute (if/when) it happens…

    I’m already leaning on my agent with questions and it’s SO GOOD letting go of that pressure to make all the decisions on your own…



    Van Demal

    Fantastic! I’m looking forward to reading it – and, you know, with the blog I can always post a review too!

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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